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Toucher les étoiles - Lighting

The final touches are done on this Wonderful project. We were 12 students working on this for 15 weeks (credits).

The project was finished earlier this april. As the lighting artist and co-integrator, I had to learn Unreal Engine 4's tools in a quick week to be able to do the lighting and integration for the team. This was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience, although quite challenging.

I did 100% of the lighting for the whole movie, a big part of asset/texture importation and a bit of environment here and there. I started by lighting the day scene, then, I lit the night scene, and then I made a transition between the two that you can see in the movie.

After the final render of the movie, I took the liberty to enhance the lighting a little bit in the scenes to make them shine a bit more (only the screenshots) :) I think it turned out great !

I am generally satisfied by the project and super satisfied by all the knowledge that came with it :)

Thanks for reading !

Toucher les étoiles - Short Animated Student Film - UQAT